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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

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Achero Mañas


Son of playwright Alfredo Manas and actress Lorraine Paloma, born in Madrid. His childhood and adolescence pass between Carabanchel and the neighborhood of the Star, always surrounded by an environment close to the theater, literature and art, a fact that deeply marked his personality and life. After completing high school at the Archangel school for three years studied painting at the School of Arts and Crafts Street Palma. During those years he participated as an actor in several plays and plays a role in sporadic film.
In 1984, thanks to a grant obtained by his mother, went to live with his family to New York City. Over a year taking theater classes at the Royal School Stage. There is taught by several teachers, but especially Patrick and Madeleine Sherwood Brackford deeply marked his approach to the interpretation and direction of actors.
Back from New York to Madrid takes his acting career, participating in various theater productions, film and television. Work with renowned directors like Adolfo Aristarain, Carlos Saura, Ridley Scott, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, Jorge Grau etc.
Following the birth of their daughter Laura definitely decided to leave acting career, activity that produces a deep dissatisfaction, to devote himself entirely to writing. Wrote and directed his first short film called Metro in the city of Barcelona in 1995. Production is carried out by the producer Bausan Films. Obtained, among others, Luis Buñuel film prize and the prize for best short film at the International Exhibition of Montecatini Terme.
In 1996 he wrote, directed and produced his second short film called Hunters, with which he obtained important awards, highlighting the Goya for best short film of the year. In 1997 he wrote, directed and produced his third and last short film Artificial Paradises, with whom he also obtained relevant national and international awards. That same year, writing resumes, begun earlier, El Bola, script that will become his first feature film. Shortly afterwards met producer Jose Antonio Felez that in those moments, the film company is creating Tesela. The producer is interested in the script and after reaching agreement on the final version goes into production. Achero get acceptance of its conditions to direct the film, consisting of a number of weeks of filming, complete freedom in choosing the actors, a month of rehearsals and the final cut of the negative. The ball is released in 2001 and has an amazing reception from both critics and audiences. Receive countless national and international awards including four Goya awards. Best original screenplay, best newcomer, best new director and best picture. The following year he obtained several European Academy Award nominations receiving the award as director Fassbinder.
In 2002, he wrote, in collaboration with his brother Frederick Manas, his second feature titled November. Film about a group of independent theater, you get the outstanding national and international awards, among others, the FIPRESCI prize at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Youth Award at the International Festival of San Sebastian and Luis Buñuel Award cinematography.
A year later, Canal Plus offers the direction of a documentary about the peace process in Northern Ireland. One year is devoted entirely to the study and development of such a documentary, interviewing the main actors in the conflict, highlighting interventions Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams and Nobel Peace Prize John Hume and David Trimble. Years later, personal circumstances, he moved to live in the city of New York. In 2010, produces, writes and directs his third feature film "All That You Want" with great critical and commercial success. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and is selected in the most prestigious international festivals internationally.
Currently working on her next project with the working title of "Behind Aldebaran"

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