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Biography: pag 11
result: 201 to 220 in a total of 247
Actors And Actresses of Latin America and the Spanish Speaking WorldViews
201Penélope Cruz | Mexico2959
202Pietro Sibille | Peru3352
203Pilar Bardem | Peru3419
204Pilar Lopez de Ayala | Mexico8959
205Raul Eguren | Cuba2768
206Rebeca Cobos | Argentina3417
207Rebeca Raez | Peru3248
208Ricardo Darín | Argentina6461
209Roberto Alvarez | Mexico6292
210Roberto Meyer | Mexico2893
211Roberto Urbina | Mexico4814
212Rodolfo Arias | Mexico4392
213Rodrigo Bellot | Bolivia2864
214Rodrigo de la Serna | Mexico2886
215Rodrigo Murray Prisant | Mexico10105
216Rodrigo Speranza | Mexico2246
217Rómulo Assereto | Peru2629
218Roselyn Sanchez | Puerto Rico4330
219Salma Hayek | Mexico13407
220Salvador del Solar | Peru4904
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