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->Country: Uruguay
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Beatriz Flores Silva


(Montevideo, November 7, 1956) is a director, screenwriter and film producer in Uruguay.
She is the daughter of Manuel Flores Mora and Manuel Flores Silva's sister, both Colorado Party politicians.
She has three children: André Dessent (1982), Guy Dessent (1984) and Martin Flores (1995).
She studied film directing in Belgium. Her first film was an adaptation of a story with a well Uruguayan writer Mario Arregui in 1988. Then followed Lizards, 1989, which was conducting her graduate work as a director. The recognition of the public will come to life in the fucking 2001, a book adaptation of Mary Urruzola The Serpent's Egg.
It has its own production cinematogáfica, BFS Productions.

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