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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Mexico
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Carlos Carrera


Born in Mexico City, August 18, 1962, is a filmmaker four times awarded the Ariel for best director, screenwriter, animator and cartoonist Mexico.
Make an early age his first animated short films at the age of 12 years with a Super 8 that was provided in these films used clay dolls that it produced. In 1981 he joined the Universidad Iberoamericana to pursue a career in Communication Sciences, for when he enters college, he had made about 25 short films.
For his love of cinema decides to learn more about filmmaking, login to the Training Center (CCC), in this institution performed in 1988, 4 animated shorts, which excels that of Malayerba never bites. At the end of his film career in the CCC receives the opportunity to shoot his first feature, as well as a winner with his first screenplay entitled Benjamin and Michelle, written with Ignacio Ortiz Cruz, also a graduate of CCC, in the contest debuts organized by CCC.
In February 1991, opens in private copy 0 of the debut of Race, and entitled: Women of Benjamin is given its world premiere at the International Film Festival Berlin, Germany 1991, with other Mexican films nominated for a cycle of Mexican Cinema Panorama, August 29 premieres in the distribution, in various venues in the capital, this film would get several international awards.
His second work, married life (1993) based on the novel by Sergio Pitol, passing unnoticed by critics and audiences, but while doing this film, Carrera was working on a short animated film, which would put in the foreground, was the Hero (1994), tape where a man tries to stop the suicide of a young woman on the subway, which control the Cannes Film Festival and took home the Palme d'Or, making the first director Carrera Mexican get from Mary Candelaria in 1946.
His next work would be no court, when deciding Televicine invited by the company to make commercial films and tapes of great artistic quality, despite working for Televicine hand is very noticeable Career with parts where the characters seek affection and are solitary. This film is successful in 1995 and obtained several Ariel awards, including best picture and best director.
In 1998 films "A haunting" a story of time starring Blanca Guerra, who won critical acclaim, making his second creditor to Ariel for best director, and in 2002 he was invited by Alameda Films to film "The Crime of Father Amaro "adaptation of the novel by Jose Maria Eca de Queiroz and scripted by playwright Vincent Leñero, thanks to the success of this film, the Mexican Academy of Cinema, decides to send her to compete for the Oscar, achieving a place among the shortlist of five films competed for the statuette for best foreign film.
After this film career has been involved in various segments of feature films as "Zero and go four" (the segment is the barbecued goat) and "Sex, love and other perversions" (Mary in the elevator), also performs another animated short titled Root for which he won the Ariel in 2004.
He is currently secretary of the Coordinating Committee of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, AC.

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