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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Peru
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Francisco Lombardi


Director Francisco Lombardi was born in Tacna, Peru, in 1949. In 1968, he studiedat the Instituto of Cinematografica in Santa Fé, Argentina, until is wasclosed down by the army. He returned to Peru in 1969 where he finished his filmstudies and worked as a film critic at the Diario Correo and wrote for the magazineHablemos de Cine. After the adoption of a new legislation on film in Peru in1974, Lombardi created his own production company, Inca Films. Until 1977, heshot short films which received several awards. After La ciudad y los perrosin 1985, Pantaleón y las visitadoras is Lombardi's second adaptation ofa novel by Mario Vargas Llosa for the cinema.

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