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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Argentina
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Gustavo Loza


Born in Mexico City, graduated from the Mass Communication from the Universidad Iberoamericana. He studied screenwriting at the Film Society of Writers of Mexico (SOGEM) and pursued a specialization in direction of children for film and television in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Toronto.
Creator and producer of television programs "bizbirije" and "way home" among others, which won 11 international awards among which are the 3rd. place worldwide as the best children's TV program in the Prix Jeunesse International (Munich, Germany 1998) and is deserving two-time National Award Journalism.
His work in the short film has earned 22 international awards thanks to the short "Deep Silence".
Formally debuted in cinema with the movie "Atletico San Pancho" which he co-wrote and directs.
His second feature film entitled "The Edge" represents Mexico at the 78th Oscar awards as the date gets 25 international awards.
Recently returned to the Televisa television invitation to direct the action series titled "The Panther". Currently working on the series "The Assassins" for the company Televisa.
With his company addicted Films has shot over 300 commercials for various brands over 8 years in the advertising medium.
Parallel to the project "Continuous Stops" working on her fourth feature film entitled "Dreams of family."

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