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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Brasil
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Luis Carlos Vasconcelos


The theater and especially the circus have always been great passions de Vasconcelos, who, despite being formed in Literature, studied performing arts in Denmark and then incorporating the group Intrepid Theatre Troupe.In 1978 , it is in João Pessoa , and creates a character who would accompany him through life, Xuxu the clown, a clown citizen , in the words of its creator, being a constant presence in underserved communities. Even when working on other projects such as films and television series, Vasoncelos always arranges time and place to introduce yourself as Xuxu dress and makeup.Before reaching the ideal of characterization Xuxu, Vasoncelos played several clowns and got the best of each to make up the current character.Also in 1978 , along with other artists, founded in Joao Pessoa School Piolim , named after an old clown Paraiba. The complex, in addition to hosting his theater group, develops a work of popular education.In 1983 he organised a clown Festival in Paraiba. In 1984 , Vasconcelos came to live in Rio de Janeiro where he made the National Circus School. He lived twenty years in the state capital, supported by Xuxu, much in demand for presentations at events and birthdays of children, a large laboratory, as the actor says.Of the 80 homes on alternating between Rio and Joao Pessoa. In 1992 , in Paraíba , Vasconcelos realizes a dream nourished since his days as a university: to adapt for the stage the story of Ford Sarapalha of Guimarães Rosa . The play produced by the Group Piolim, under his direction, is a success, toured Brazil and abroad and is still in theaters in 2006 .Film debut in the role of the bandit Lantern in The Perfumed Ball , a film of Pernambuco in 1996 . The production of low budget even for Brazilian standards, was a hit at festivals and filmmakers from the great centers had their attention drawn to Vasconcelos. Following, films made for Walter Salles and Andrucha Waddington . In 2001 he organised another event, a meeting where clowns from many parts of the world got together.
On television, had a brief involvement in the novel Lady of Destiny and series. Recorded within the Paraíba of the micro Globo Stone Kingdom , adapting the novel by Ariano Suassuna , directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho , which aired in June 2007 . In 2008, journalist Ivan played in the miniseries Dear Friends , the TV Globo, which aired from February to March.

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