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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Mexico
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Luisa Huertas


Was formed at the School of Theater Arts of INBA and the Centro Universitario de Teatro CUT-UNAM . She debuted as an actress in the early 70's, in the movie Take it as you like . She became known during the decade remembered for her character, "Rosita" in the children's series Sesame Street . Then he moved to telenovelas, debuting at Viviana produced by Valentin Pimstein . From there her career she rose to become one of the most talented actresses of film, theater and television, participating in movies violent Stories , The Empire of Fortune , White lies , principle and purpose , to die , Fairytales sleeping crocodiles and The Crime of Father Amaro , to name a few. In total, she was nominated four times for Ariel , in the movies White lies , principle and purpose , a charm and half the world . She won her first nomination for the film White lies in the category of Best Actress in Table.
Similarly highlighted on television, participating in telenovelas like Dulce challenge , the Heart , I do not believe in men and Droplet of love , among others.
She has participated in over 75 plays, being honored for her performances in the works the pious Marta , Antigone and La Celestina.
Is a founding member of the Mexican Academy of Dramatic Arts , a member of the Advisory Council CUT of the UNAM and stable member of the cast of the National Theatre Company . In addition to her acting career has also been dedicated to teaching, teaching in the CUT and the Contemporary Forum . Co-founder and current CEO of CEUVOZ (Centre for the Use of Voice).
In film won the Ariel Award 1989 of coacting female for her role in White Lies Arthur Ripstein. She was part of the cast of The Crime of Father Amaro, led by Arturo Rios Fairytale sleeping crocodiles. Her last starring roles were in Spite of Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, Kilometer 31, Rigoberto Castaneda. Blue Eyelids Ernesto Contreras, who starred in The Middle of the World by Jaime Ruiz.
Personally, I was the girlfriend of the leading actor and director Miguel Corsica for 25 years until her death in September of 2008 . In January the following year had celebrated its silver anniversary as a couple, it was never in her plans to marry.

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