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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Argentina
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Marcela Kloosterboer


(born 5 July 1983) is an Argentine actress and occasional singer. She won Martín Fierro Award for Best New Actress in 1998 for Verano del '98 and earned Argentine Film Critics Association Award for Best New Actress in 2004 for Roma. Kloosterboer is also known for her roles in television series Chiquititas, Son Amores and Lalola.
She did her primary and secondary school in San Gabriel in the same town and attended the club Banco Provincia, where she played as a defender to her favorite sport, hockey.
Though small in saying that it would be a veterinarian or a lawyer, began to study theater at age 8 with Cristina Iturri, and working in television at 11. She had her first participation in the program Amigovios that broadcast channel 13 in the year '95, where she played a girl named Peggy.
In 1996 came My Family is a drawing by Telefe, a very funny family comedy that was very successful and was made into a film. There was Marcela Caro, the middle child of a family whose main characteristic was counted among them with a member who was an animated cartoon.
In '98 came the successful Summer of '98, in Telefe 21h Monday to Friday, no doubt the program that gave her more popularity with her character Josephine.
Theater in '99 and made the well-known television comedy Chiquititas child by Telefe, which gave life to Candela. That same year she won the Martin Fierro as Revelation 1998. After spending a year growing excellent actoralmente had the unexpected turn in 2000 the famous program that she grew up, Summer '98, to close the story of her beloved character: Jose. While by December of that same year premiered the problem and adorable teen: Giuliana, the excellent Illusions, forming an incredible partner with Nicolas Cabre, this time in the producer Pol-ka, for Channel 13. Marcela add that has not only worked as an actress, so did as a model, integrating the staff of Pancho Dotto.
Then came a perfect participation in the renowned Final cycle time, along with Osvaldo Laport, and in 2002 made the massive television and theatrical event of Son Amores, where she played Maria.While in 2003 came another praised participation in the award cycle Simulators (where she played an anorexic model), then came her turn to Son Amores and participation in the latest film Aristarain: Rome, (there was a student philosophy and letters at the 70 named Renée, who becomes the protagonist's impossible love.) While in 2004 made the Pol-ka sitcom "The Pensioners" where she played Flopy.
In her private life little is known, it is said that it had many loves of various kinds, but since we do not know much about the veracity of those comments, and we know that Marcela does not like to talk about her private life, respect your privacy on this topic. What we can say is that friendship for it is a very important thing, as she defined it: "A friend is someone who is always beside you, in good times and bad times." It has a very large group of friends and takes advantage of every spare moment to be with them and have fun. She enjoys playing guitar, being with her dog, loves nature, especially loves animals, (as from 8 years is a vegetarian and dreams of living in a field surrounded by animals). We can also say that is a fan of Boca Juniors, which used to go to see the court as a child.
Can be added to describe it is a very quiet, very low profile, very simple, (she can be seen usually in jeans, shirt and shoes), practices yoga and has studied guitar and piano.

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