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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Mexico
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Marta Belaustegui


(N. May 6 of 1966) Is to actress Spanish . It is Also the director of the Film festival 'Women in Management' Held in Cuenca.
Degree in the School of Dramatic Art of Madrid (1983-1986) In 1984 She Was Invited to work as an actress in the Chamber Theatre directed by Angel Gutierrez, Which Will Remain Until 1991. Her first job as an actress is in assembling "The scandals of a people" (1983) Grec Festival of Barcelona, in the role of Orsetta; That titles follow: "The mischief of Scapin" of Moliere (1984), in the role of Cervineta; Her interpretation of Lika in the play "The Promise" of Arbusov (1985), was a great Recognition from Critics and the public in 1987 participated in "Entree de Cervantes", the role of Laurence, in 1989 in "The balconies of Madrid "premiered at the Teatro La Taganka (Moscow) in the role of Dona Ana, in 1990 in" vacationers "of Gorky As Varia, in 1991 in "Ruy Blas" by Victor Hugo, in the role of Queen.
In 1993, premieres at the Festival of Mérida " The Trojan Women 'Of Euripides , Directed by Eusebio Lazaro, in the role of Cassandra.
In 1995 I Began career in cinema historical With The film " Malena is a name of tango "Directed by Gerardo Herrero, Montreal Film Festival; That title will follow" Nicolai Vavilov, "by A. Proskin, "Question of luck" address Moleón Rafael (1997), nominated for Best European Actress, "Cha Cha" by Antonio del Real (1998), "Polizeruf 110", U. Stark (1999), "If I do", by C. Zabala and E. Olasagasti (1999), "When you come back to me" by G. Querejeta (1999), Official Selection International Film Festival of San Sebastian, Special Jury Mention to-Address Interpretation, "Marta Area" by J. Ruiz, N. Perez de la Paz, Valladolid Film Festival Official Selection (1999), "The Stone Rose" by M. Palacios (1999), "The Reasons of my friends" by G. Herrero (2000), Valladolid Film Festival Official Selection, National Radio Award "Critical Eye" for Best Actress and nominated for Best Actress Silver Frame, "Gypsy" by M. Palacios (2000), "X", Luis María (2001), "The desire to be Red," by A. Umbria (2002), Malaga Film Festival Official Selection, "Imperfect Love" by G. Davide Maderna (2002), Venice Film Festival, Omega Award for Best Actress, "While you're away" by Juan Carlos Octavio (2003), "The Principle of Archimedes," by G. Herrero (2004), Nominated for Best Actress for the Film Critics Circle, "The best thing to happen That can a croissant", Paco Mir (2004), "Nicotine," by H. Rodriguez (2005), "The player's hands, 'Sergio Garcia Sanchez (2008)," Loves Crazy "by Bede do Campo (2009)
Make a number of short films, The Most ProMinent being "7337" SG Sanchez, Best Actress at the San Sebastian Horror Film Festival, "Line of Fire" J. Calvo Dorado "Low season" SG Sanchez, Best Actress at the Film Festival Alcalá de Henares (2004), "My mother's fault" L. Sanchez, Best Actress at the Film Festival Ponferrada (2005).
In 1993 with Jesus Salgado founded the company Teatro del Duende. Producing the Following shows: "La Tinaja" Pirandello, " The dragon's head "Valle Inclan," Santa Cruz "Marx Frisch," Roberto Zucco "by Bernard-Marie Koltes," live like pigs "by John Arden, dir. J. Salgado, "Cervantes from Palos" of Cervantes , Dir J. Salgado, "The Comedy of Errors" by W. Shakespeare, dir. J. Salgado, "Comedy Baby Baby" by Edward Albee, "Tell my daughter i went traveling" Denise Chalem. Some of Whom Have In Worked as an actress, UNDERSCORING historical performances in the roles of Fillico in "La Tinaja" and Caroline "Tell my daughter i went on a trip"
Since 2006, directs the International Film Festival "Women in Management".
In 2008, as director of historical debut in the short film "Under the mask" Made for the Ministry of Equality for the campaign "Less is more" against gender violence.

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