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Nelson Machado


(São Paulo, January 14 of 1954) Is an actor Brazilian. His best known work is the official voice actor Mexican actor Carlos Villagran. He lent his voice in the series Keys, Kiko Boy Official, Kiko Suitcase, Federrico, Chespirito and Red Thumb. All these series were dubbed by the former studio Maga (Now the studios Marshmallow) In São Paulo and directed by the Nelson Machado.
Machado is the son of actor and broadcaster Nelson Machado, which was alderman in Santos and actress and voice actress Dulcemar Vieira.
He began his coaching career dubbing and voice in the former Industrial Art Film (A.I.C. São Paulo).
It was the official voice actor actor Jerry Lewis, And now the characters dubs Al Pacino, Robin Williams Italian actor and Roberto Benigni, Won the Oscar for Life is Beautiful.
Currently still working as an actor and has a program entitled "DWI" in your Internet TV station, the Capricorn TV. He lives and works in Sao Paulo.

Nelson Machado
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