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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Argentina
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Pablo Cedrón


Born in 1958; Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Province Is a actor and screenwriter Argentinean.
Kedron Paul began his career working in smaller films, and eventually became part of the comedy show Head beside Alfredo Casero, Working on scripts for skits and performing in front of the screen.
A year later, in 1994The program (which was considered a cult by the Argentine media) began to be produced by the TV host Nicolas Repetto and renamed Cha Cha Cha, Incorporating the staff to Mariana Briski, Mex UrtizbereaAnd retaining members of the previous program which was completed with Diego Capusotto, Rodolfo Samso (Scorpion) and Fabio Alberti.
In this program, created one of his most significant to date, the sexologist Nelson Gomez, Paraguay and unprofessional vocabulary, responding to questions from the public through the female driver of a middling program. Such was the impact of the character that separated it from Repetto own original group and led to his program ("Nico" - 1994), Highly successful locals at lunchtime, to fulfill the same role.
Previously he worked as an advertising model for campaigning GanciaAnd works as an actor in court and under budget.
His career, however, was not limited to humorous skits, and later took part in major productions Pol-ka Producciones, As in Truth Consequence, Champions, No code or Killer Women. in 2005 participated in the production Some have done for the history of Argentina, Where he represented the hero Jose de San Martin.
Her film career became very important as well, with starring roles in major productions like "Congratulations", "Tiger Head", "The Wind"And especially the successful and winning around the world"The aura"The deceased Fabian Bielinsky.
In 2006 he wrote to FeluccaOne of the antagonistic character of the hit comedy Sos mi vidaSold to several countries, which garnered fans around the world for its particular way of speaking, to act ... and cheating. Of his character can be highlighted hundreds of quotations, many of them arising spontaneously and improvised (Kidron particular trait) and not the original script of the strip.
In 2007 he directed and acted in a play "Jamel" with Marcelo Mazzarello and Carlos Belloso, Fellow comedy as mentioned above, Ernesto Claudio Argentine actor famous for having big roles in local productions and the production of Fernando Gaston.
Currently just made a cameo in the hit soap opera MalparidaAs another villain Renata's father (Juana Viale) Who later murders him.

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