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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Argentina
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Paco Ortega


Is a singer, composer and producer Spanish born in Ubeda, Jaén, October 28 1957.
Although a native of Ubeda (Jaén), he moved with his family to Madrid in his youth, and studied at the Library Carlos III University of Getafe (Madrid).
Singer, songwriter and producer Spanish. Born into a family with strong musical background, achieved popularity as a pair artistic Isabel Montero, as author and solo performer and as composer and producer of some of the most successful musical careers of a number of artists nationals.
He moved to seven years to Madrid, where he began his studies at the Colegio del Pilar, and later studied Library and Information Science at the University Carlos III of Madrid. It was also in the capital where he began his career as a singer in small venues and colleges, to which debuted with the album discográficamente Life has a solution, Published by the Dial Records label. Thus began a fruitful career as a singer, musician, composer and producer.
In the mid-eighties, Paco Ortega joined forces with Isabel Montero to form a duo that offered an attractive proposal for flamenco pop. They stayed together from 1986 to 1993, while Paco further cemented his popularity as a composer and music producer. His name was associated with great music hits of the nineties as a songwriter for  Camarón de la IslaPaco de Lucia, Pata Negra, Tijeritas, Niña Pastori, Los del Rio, Maria Vargas, Paloma San Basilio, Massiel, Susana Verdu, Maria Jose Santiago, Lolita, Cries of War Rumbolero, The Ecijano, Diego "El Cigala" Ana Belen Montes Clara and many others. On the other hand, its list of production work took on a similar dimension.
Confirmed as an author and producer of recognized success, he recorded solo in the middle of the decade and in 1996 released the album The magic of clay. A couple of years later he presented Calaíto to the bone, Edited by WEA disk that was well received. In 1999 he composed the soundtrack for the film The Edge, And the album was one of the great musical surprises of the year. Also that year stood an ambitious project: to record an album in the voices were collected, Flemish and anonymous, the marginal neighborhood of 3,000 homes in Seville.
In 2000 he participated in Your coldness, The tribute album dedicated musicians that Jesus de la Rosa, ill-fated leader of Triana, and a year later he returned to work with Alfonso Albacete and David Menkes, directors The EdgeTo compose the soundtrack of his new film, I love you. In his role as producer, was also responsible for a tribute album to composer Augusto Algueró which lent their voices or performers such as Maria Pastora Soler Jimenez.

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