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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Brasil
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Paloma Duarte


Paloma Sanchez Marcos Silva ( Sao Paulo , May 21 of 1977 ), better known as Paloma Duarte is an actress Brazil.
She is married to musician Oswaldo Montenegro . Before Paloma was married to the singer Renato Lui, double the country Renato & Fernando, who has a daughter, Marie Louise, and actor Mark Winter . Relationship with Winter, who is separated since March 2002 , was born Ana Clara Duarte, who debuted as an actress with her mother in Brazilian Citizen.
The actress is the daughter of actress Deborah Duarte with musician Mark Anthony and granddaughter of actor Lima Duarte and actress Marisa Sanches .
It was in the telenovela Terra Nostra , a Benedito Ruy Barbosa , the mother and daughter represent the same real-life roles. Paloma and Deborah also contracenaram together the series Great Father , exhibited by SBT in 1990 .
At just 18 years, Paloma posed nude for the magazine Playboy in April 1996.
The actress contrasted her colleague Regina Duarte during the election campaign for the presidency of the republic in 2002 . In the program Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva , the PT , Paloma disputed the claims made by Regina that with the election of PT "Brazil was in danger of losing all the stability that had been achieved" . "A candidate who needs to terrorize the Brazilian population does not deserve my respect, my confidence and did not deserve ever to be president, " said Paloma during the PT program. She also said she felt "disgusted" with the statement Regina Duarte.

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