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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Peru
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Patricia Pereyra


Born november 14 of 1967 is an actress Peru known for her role in telenovelas Mexican.
Daughter of Alfonso Pereyra Arriola and Ana Maria Sarmiento de la Puente, studied at the Colegio Santa Ursula.
She debuted at 17 years in theater and later in the experimental Peruvian telenovela Carmin 1984;  then traveled to Mexico where she worked alongside the likes of Angelica Aragon in the soap Live a little in 1985, Veronica Castro in Wild Rose , Salma Hayek in Teresa and Lucia Mendez in anyone's Love in 1990.
She studied art history in Mexico, received her certificate in theater in New York University and graduate in drama at the University of London and lived in Paris , France.
In 1991 she participated in long road to Tijuana , work for which she was nominated as best actress co-star in the Ariel Awards , after it participated in the soap opera Capriccio of Televisa
In 1998 she returned to Peru to participate in Mischief heart of Iguana Productions and Venevision International, then was part of Tell me about love of Univision . The latest telenovela was starred Heads or tails in 2002, also from Univision.
Since 2003 she devoted himself to the movies, participating in the films of sight , natural causes and You're missing.
She debuted as a director of documentaries with Javier Perez de Cuellar, "The Undaunted" in 2006 which is based on the life of Javier Perez de Cuellar , former Secretary General of the United Nations
Since January 2012 the Cultural Director of National Library of Peru.

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