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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

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Pedro Fernandez


Pedro Fernandez, stage name of Joseph Martin Cuevas Cobos.
Born in Guadalajara , Jalisco , Mexico , the birthplace of Mariachi, the September 28, 1969.
His father was Jose Luis Cuevas who urged him to make his career by presenting it in Palenque, where he met Vicente Fernandez , who Pedrito at the age of 6 years he sang a song in an arena of Tlaquepaque , Jalisco, Mexico. Mr. Fernandez was amazed and a few weeks later he called to travel to Mexico City and testing in the CBS hired him and recorded his first album.
Peter says: "I if I was a child so far and say to some extent, because he had a responsibility, discipline to follow as a singer and that obviously made me grow much faster than normal."
At 15 she moved to reside in Mexico City and in 2002 he moved to the city of Monterrey , Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
Pedro Fernandez is the oldest of 5 siblings: Gerardo Fernandez , Jose Luis Cuevas, Laura Cuevas, Edward, John and Paquito Cuevas who made famous the phrase "Mum I'm Paquito, and will not do mischief" and participating in some movies with Peter.
She married at age 18 with Rebeca Vargas Garza, a former model of Reynosa , Tamaulipas , Mexico, and they had 3 daughters: Osmara (meaning Sunrise Cloudy), Michelle Karina and Gema Guadalupe.
Peter says: "I just live my life like anyone else, I emerged from a humble and I have that too fine a story or assumptions, however try to be better every day, work, help the needy and give love, if there you are special and someone makes you great

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