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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Peru
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Salvador del Solar


Labarthe Salvador del Solar was born in Lima, Peru on May 1, 1970, your loved ones and friends call him "Tore". His parents divorced while still a child, although he says that the relationship between their parents is very good. In 1988 he began to study law, because he wanted to be a lawyer, after many years of intense study he qualified in Law from the Catholic University of Peru. After graduating got a job at a law firm, one day he thought his future would be like and how serious it after a few years and realized that that was not his dream, so it really was dying for be an actor and decided to leave the legal profession. Was presented at the Workshop on Performance by Alberto Isola you were looking for people and which was accepted, so he asked for leave at the law school to attend and following from there, began his successful career as an actor.
He is married to Ximena Bellido Denegri since 1998 whom he met at a family party and which had a long courtship of nine years. They have a daughter named Manuela why Salvador feels true worship.
He likes to enjoy the company of his family, loves to read, especially books on political philosophy. The sport you really like, Salvador was part of the Peruvian water polo from 14 to 21 years, and has taught swimming.
Salvador is extremely ordered in all things, among the things he loves are music, sports, poetry, film, theater, and also very interested in journalism.
Although at first glance seem serious, likes to talk and have fun, their relatives say it's more a kind and very funny.
Thanks to its role in Pantoja and the Special Service, Salvador has achieved three awards for his role as Pantaleon Pantoja, won the best actor award at the 28th Festival of Gramado 2000 in Cartagena Film Festival and the Festival of Troia. Certainly Salvador has a great future ahead as an actor and I wish him all the luck in his successful career!.

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