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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: España
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Sancho Gracia


Born September 27, 1936 in Madrid, Spain, this veteran actor carries five decades of performance in film, theater and television. With more than 30 movies among his credits, Sancho Gracia first appeared in 1962’s PAMPA SALVAJE. Gracia has acted in films shot in Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, Portugal, Austria, India, Cuba, Norway, Australia, Uruguay, England and United States. His numerous film credits include: LOS DUENDES DE ANDALUCÌA (1966); LA CHICA DE LOS ANUNCIOS (1968); GUERRERAS VERDES (1976); CLUB DE SOLTEROS (1967); CURRO JIMÈNEZ (1979); DE TRIPAS, CORAZON by Julio Sánchez Valdés (1984); the Cuban film GALLEGO (1987); HUIDOS (1992, Gracia’s directorial debut); CACHITO (1995); THE LONG KILL from William J. Corcoran (1998); the Portuguese film INTERNO (1999); A GALOPE TENDIDO (1999); LA COUMMNIDAD (2000); NO TE FALLARE (2000); EL ROBO MAS GRANDE JAMAS CONTANDO (2002), and 800 BALAS (2002).

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