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Peruvian and Latinamerican Biography in spanish

->Country: Peru
->Category: Actors and Actresses

Saskia Bernaola


Is a actress Peruvian of television and theater. She started at age 14, acting workshops and court clown, in which side is best known.
Her first TV appearance was in 1997, in the teen drama Maelstrom , and the following year in Whirlwind Boulevard . In 1999 production in July Naters The 4th of John , along with Carlos Carlin and Lorenzo Castro.
Among her interests in theater include The holy comedy and Rise of the pigs , and produced by July dirijidos Naters. From Whirlwind to monologues, claun Mad Science, provided your credit has been linked to satire or humor melodramatic.
Bernaola, is one of the members of the national team Impro, along with Patricia Portocarrero, Armando Machuca, Fernando Castro, Leandro Mikati. The Peruvian delegation participated in the International Improvisation Festival Madrid at the end of 2007, and, in 2008, the World Impro 2008 in Santiago de Chile.
After a year of successful roles in the theater with the holy comedy , opens in the 2007 's sitcom The holy convent , who stars alongside Patricia Bernaola Portocarrero and Katia Palma. That played 'Sister Bete' one of the three criminals disguised as nuns. Then participate in the Spin-off The holy convent moved to an apartment that only lasted a year.
In the 2011 returns with the character of 'Sister Bete' on the soap opera comedy The holy seasoning for Panamericana Television.

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