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Amauta Capcha
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Peruvian and Latinamerican Cinema in spanish

->Country: Mexico.
->Duration: 105 Min.
->Directed By: Alfonso Cuarón (See Alfonso Cuarón biography)

Y tu mamá tambié


Julio (Bernal) and Tenoch (Luna) are typical arrogant seventeen year old boys whose girlfriends have gone away to Europe. Bored and sexually frustrated, they invite an attractive older woman (Verdu) on a road trip to a beach that doesn't exist in order to try and seduce her. Startlingly she accepts. As the days progress, the boys' relationship with Luisa develops and they soon find themselves entangled in a lecherous love triangle. An intoxicating fusion of sex, friendship, politics and death, Y Tu Mama Tambien is a mix of sober realism with carefree fun. While an omniscient voice narrates the past present and future of seemingly meaningless background events, the boys continue their trip, oblivious to all but their own libidos. Although skilfully executed through voice overs, the political statement doesn't quite cement with the main storyline as intended. An interesting watch, if you are patient enough to handle the slow moving storyline but it does feel like Alfonso Cuaron is trying a bit too hard to be arty and missing out on simple clarity. After opening into an explicit sex scene, you're bombarded with names and background information and spend the next few scenes trying to work out who's who, when it really doesn't matter. Well worth a watch though, if only for the exceptionally well written characters. The boys are especially believable and development of Luisa's character from fragile tag-along to free spirit is well-paced. Good… nothing special but worth watching nonetheless.

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