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Amauta Capcha
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Peruvian and Latinamerican Cinema in spanish

->Country: Peru.
->Duration: 75 Min.
->Directed By: Eduardo Milewicz (See Eduardo Milewicz biography)

Piratas en el Callao


The story of Piratas en el Callao is simple. A little boy get lost while he is touring a colonial fortress at Callao, the main port of Peru, and then he falls through a time hole back to 17th century when the port was under siege by dutch pirate Jacques L'Hermite. He meets friends and will try to make a difference defending the city.

While the story could sound interesting for people who were kids back in the sixties (the time when the boy is supposed he got lost and also a time when the writer of the original story was a boy too), nowadays it takes more than that to wow the audience, and specially k12 kids. Even so the movie succeeds at making the youngest laugh, while the bigger ones try to imagine the making of such a meritorious effort.

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