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Peruvian and Latinamerican Cinema in spanish

Un Tipo Corriente

->Country: Argentina.
->Duration: 85 Min.
->Directed By: Eduardo Milewicz (See Eduardo Milewicz biography)

Samy Goldstein is a television scriptwriter who suffers from acute consciousness and dreams of writing a great novel. He is trying to hold onto his job writing for a show with plummeting ratings, his boss accuses him of always writing the same thing, his mother nags him and his relationship with his intellectual girlfriend Esther is flagging. Things couldn't be going worse, when a young woman, Mary, who mistakes him for her father's shrink, accosts him on the street. Samy falls in love with Mary, who is attracted to Samy's career in media as much as she is to Samy. However, Mary does see Samy's talent, not only as a writer, but also as a character and potential pop icon. Through a few shrewdly furtive moves, Mary convinces the TV producers to launch a show featuring Samy. To heighten his lovable anxiety, Samy is informed that he will be the star of his own television show only moments before the pilot is shot before a live audience. Viva reality TV! Within days, Samy's bespectacled face graces billboards and ads all over town. Esther is suddenly interested in him again, while Samy prefers his new relationship with the star-struck, but elusive Mary. The new show's ratings are intricately tied to Samy's level of unhapiness, presenting him with the dilemma of choosing between personal and professional success. Ricardo Darin turns in a memorable performance as Samy, a lovable anti-hero plagued by doubts about his intellectual worth in this witty South American comedy.

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