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Peruvian and Latinamerican Cinema in spanish

->Country: Brasil.
->Duration: 135 Min.
->Directed By: Fernando Meirelles (See Fernando Meirelles biography)

Ciudad de Dios


The main character in Cidade de Deus is not a person. It is a place. Cidade de Deus is a poor housing project started in the 60's that became one of the most dangerous places in Rio de Janeiro by the beginning of the 80's.

In order to tell the story of the place the film tells us the stories of many characters. But all is seen through the eyes of the narrator: Busca-Pé, a poor black kid too frail and scared to become an outlaw but also to smart to be content with na underpaid job.

He grows up in a very violent environment. The odds are all against him. But he discovers he can see the reality with a different eye: the eye of an artist. Eventually he becomes a professional photographer. That is his redemption.. Buscapé is not the real protagonist of the film. He is not the one who makes the story moves on. He is not the one who makes the decisions that will determine the main chain of events. Nevertheless, not only his life is attached to what happens in the story but it is also through his perspective of life that we understand the humanity of a world apparently condemned to endless violence.

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