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Amauta Capcha
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Peruvian and Latinamerican Cinema in spanish

->Country: Brasil.
->Duration: 131 Min.
->Directed By: Hector Babenco (See Hector Babenco biography)



In a cell inside São Paulo's House of Detention, better known as Carandiru, two inmates (Lula and Dagger) have a score to settle. The atmosphere is tense. Another inmate, Black Nigger, a kind of "judge" for settling disputes among prisoners, solves the case in time to welcome the Doctor, who has recently arrived, eager to begin an AIDS-prevention program in the penitentiary. The Doctor is faced with extremely serious problems inside this, Latin America's largest jail: overcrowded cells, decaying facilities, diseases such as TB, leptospirosis, cachexia, and the beginnings of an AIDS epidemic. The inmates have access to neither medical care nor legal assistance. Carandiru, with upwards of seven thousand prisoners, is a huge challenge for the newcomer. But after working there for a few months he perceives something that will transform him: the inmates, even in this appalling situation, are not demonic figures. In his daily contacts with the prisoners who see him in his makeshift office, the Doctor witnesses solidarity, organization, and above all, a great will to live. Although he is a famous oncologist, accustomed to working with the most advanced technology, the Doctor has to practice rudimentary medicine, with a stethoscope, his feeling, and a good deal of talking and listening. His work begins to bear fruit, and the Doctor earns the respect of the inmates. And with respect come secrets. His consultations begin to deal with issues beyond disease; the inmates start to tell him their life stories. His meetings with patients in the ward become "windows" into the world of crime. The film's narrative is like a jigsaw. One story fits into another to paint a realistic portrait of the tragedy of Brazil. Along with the Doctor, the viewer follows the daily routine of the inmates leading up to the terrible 2nd of October, 1992 - the day that shook the Casa de Detenção (and all Brazil): the Carandiru Massacre.

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