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Peruvian and Latinamerican Cinema in spanish

->Country: Argentina.
->Duration: 92 Min.
->Directed By: Leonardo Di Cesare (See Leonardo Di Cesare biography)

Buena vida DELIVERY


Hernán is a 24-year-old with a precarious job as a delivery boy.

Ever since his family emigrated to Spain -fleeing from the crisis that affected the country- he has lived on his own in his family house, empty and now full of memories. He is in love with Patricia (Pato), a gas station employee to whom he has not had the guts to express his feelings.

But everything changes when he learns that Pato is looking for lodging and offers her to rent a room in his own house. Soon after living together, they begin an apparently idyllic love affair. Surprisingly, though, Pato’s family arrives from a city in the interior and stays over at Hernan’s for the night. The family is respectful and lovable, but days go by and they will not go away.

Hernán begins to worry when Pato, each time more distant, seems not take on responsibility for the situation. Venancio, Pato’s father, is broke and refuses to leave until he is able to afford another lodging. Everything gets worse when one afternoon, back home from work, Hernán finds the living room invaded by the old machineries of Venancio’s pastry shop. Pato insists she has nothing to do and can only apologize. Hernán starts plotting to kick them out, but Venancio resists each and every attempt and gradually begins to hog more space.

Hernán’s puzzlement becomes still greater when unexpectedly, Venancio starts running his pastry factory in the living room of the house. Unemployed people, picketeers and illegal immigrants invited by Venancio begin to amble around the house, before the overwhelmed eyes of Hernán, the former trying to seduce them with promises of fast prosperity. Hernán’s life becomes a chaos; Pato keeps on apologizing but is more and more distant and Hernán no longer knows who to trust.

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