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Peruvian and Latinamerican Cinema in spanish

->Country: Bolivia.
->Duration: 89 Min.
->Directed By: Marcos Loayza (See Marcos Loayza biography)

Cuestiòn de Fe


In this moving but lively road picture, three misanthropic friends are contracted by a notorious gangster to create a carved statue depicting the Virgin Mary to celebrate a religious holiday in a remote village upon one of the highest hills in Bolivia. Domingo is the one commissioned to actually carve the life-size figure and the crime boss is willing to pay him a fortune. He carves it, but then realizes he has no truck to transport it. Fortunately, he meets an enterprising gambler, Joaquin, who manages to procure one (okay, he steals it). The two travelers are joined by Domingo's only friend Pepelucho. Loading the statue upright in the truck they set off on their adventure. The poor Virgin in the back finds herself alternately worshipped, desired, and shot at. At one point she is broken. The three must hurry for if the statue doesn't arrive on time, the fortune will be lost. But as the obstacles surmount--including Joaquin's temptation to use Her as a stake in a card game--so does the tension leaving Domingo to rely on faith. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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