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Amauta Capcha
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Peruvian and Latinamerican Cinema in spanish

->Country: Bolivia.
->Duration: 109 Min.
->Directed By: Mauricio Calderón (See Mauricio Calderón biography)

El Triangulo del Lago


Sailing in the Caribbean, Daniel's wife suddenly disappears. Back in La Paz, the scarf his wife was wearing suddenly shows up, co-worker Liliana is acting strangely, a bald-headed man materializes on a apartment floor, and under hypnosis Daniel regresses to... Atlantis! Bolivia's first ever science fiction film has it all -time travel, parallel universes, the Bermuda Triangle, previous lives- with slick production special values and effective special effects. Once you accept the premise, genuinely creepy. Strikingly bizarre debut for writer/director/producer and sound and visual effects designer Mauricio Calderón

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