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Peruvian and Latinamerican Cinema in spanish

->Country: España
->Artist: Enrique Iglesias (See Enrique Iglesias biography)
->Albun: 95/08 Exitos



Esta noche bailamos.
Te doy toda mi vida.
Quedate conmigo
[Verse 1].
Tonight we dance.
I leave my life in your hands.
We take the floor.
Nothing is forbidden anymore.
Don’t let the world gloom outside.
Don’t let a moment go by.
Nothing can stop us tonight
Let the rhythm take you over.
Te quiero, amor mio.
I want to live this life forever.
Te quiero, amor mio, te quiero
[Verse 2].
Tonight I’m yours.
We can make it happen I’m so sure.
Now I’m letting go.
There is something else you should know.
I won’t be leaving your side.
We’re going to dance through the night.
Oh I want to reach for the stars
Tonight we dance
Like no tomorrow
If you will stay with me.
Te quiero, amor.
Vente conmigo.
Esta noche.
[Chorus] (2x)

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