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Latin American Recipes

Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the most varied and richest in the world. Thanks to the pre-Inca heritage, Inca and Spanish immigrants, Africans, Chinese-Cantonese, Japanese and Italian mainly to the nineteenth century, together, mixing and Acriollado cuisine and flavors from four continents, offering a unique and impressive variety of dishes Peruvian cuisine typical evolving impossible to list them in their entirety. Suffice it to say that only in the Peruvian coast, more than two thousand different soups.

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1.Chicha de Maíz Blanco ~ Bebidas & Cocteles | Peru35947
2.Alfajores de Manjar Blanco ~ Postres | Peru35920
3.Turrón de Doña Pepa ~ Postres | Peru28565
4.Cocktail de Algarrobina ~ Bebidas & Cocteles | Peru24314
5.Arroz con Leche ~ Postres | Peru21868
6.Champú de Guanabana ~ Postres | Peru20886
7.Leche Asada ~ Postres | Peru20667
8.Lomo Saltado ~ Platos Principales | Peru19835
9.Flan de leche ~ Postres | Peru18324
10.Picarones ~ Postres | Peru17455
11.Pastel de Choclo ~ Postres | Peru17311
12.Jugo de Maracuya ~ Bebidas & Cocteles | Peru16970
13.Arroz Chaufa ~ Platos Principales | Peru16254
14.Asado de res en olla ~ Platos Principales | Peru15934
15.Causa Rellena ~ Entradas | Peru15645
16.Aji de Gallina ~ Platos Principales | Peru15061
17.Chicharron de Chancho ~ Festivas | Peru14898
18.Jugo de Carambola ~ Bebidas & Cocteles | Peru14686
19.Mazato de Yuca - (Bebida de la selva) ~ Bebidas & Cocteles | Peru14485
20.Manjar Blanco ~ Postres | Peru14111
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1.Peru (107)
2.Argentina (21)
3.España (1)
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