Volunteer in Peru, Cusco

Volunteer in Peru, Cusco

Volunteering in Peru provides the unique opportunity to work and live in Peru and improve your Spanish skills while giving back to local society. As a volunteer or intern in Peru, you experience the rich cultural diversity, make new friends for life and gain a cross-cultural working experience in Peru.
AMAUTA Spanish School works with local charities and volunteer projects in Cusco. As a volunteer in Peru, you choose the placement field; possible areas of interest include social work, education, medical work, hospitality and tourism, and cultural work. Volunteer placements include clinics, hospitals, after school projects, an NGO, museums, projects for street children, homes for older people, schools, and more.

Volunteering in Cusco provides a unique opportunity to live abroad while learning the Spanish language and gaining an engaging working experience abroad. There are many different volunteer opportunities at various projects once you complete your Spanish course in Peru. Therefore, Cusco is an excellent choice for a working/ volunteer abroad experience and an internship in Peru. A volunteer placement in Cusco generally requires a 4-8 week commitment. The first (four) weeks of your volunteer program will be spent learning Spanish in Cusco, followed by placement in a volunteer project that matches your skills and interests, and that is happy to receive volunteers.

Volunteering in Cusco

There are different volunteer and internship programs in Peru, each with a distinct commitment time frame and requirements. Standard Work placement in Peru includes four weeks of Spanish lessons in Cusco followed by volunteer work. If you already speak (some) Spanish, you can start volunteering sooner. Specialized skills are (usually) not necessary, although some volunteer projects request a minimum duration of stay in Peru or a minimum level of Spanish. Therefore, anyone can become a volunteer in Peru.

Apart from volunteering, you can also do an Internship in Peru. This is a great way to gain professional experience in an exciting setting, develop networks and connections, improve Spanish language skills, and experience working in a cross cultural environment in a country with an emerging economy in development. An internship in Peru is for you if you are ready to travel outside of your comfort zone, and gain crucial experience that will be life-changing.

Spanish course and Paragliding

What does the volunteer program include?

Volunteering in Peru includes Spanish classes, accommodation, meals and activities. At AMAUTA, we offer cultural activities for students and volunteers in Peru, and these are a great way to improve your Spanish and to meet people. In addition, the activities enable you to learn in a dynamic and fun environment while gaining an understanding of Peruvian culture.

AMAUTA Spanish School offers constant support to the volunteers. There are weekly volunteer meetings where you can address your questions and exchange experiences with other volunteers. Below you find more information about the placement procedure of Volunteer work in Peru.

Quick Facts Volunteer Program in Cusco, Peru

  • Spanish Lessons: 20 classes per week
  • Meals: breakfast and lunch and/or dinner
  • Airport Pickup Cusco Airport
  • Free Internet (WIFI) at school
  • 24/7 support
  • A Certificate upon completion of the volunteer work
  • Questions? Contact us
  • Ready to Book? Enroll here
  • Accommodation of your choice (host family, apartment or residence)
  • Organization and mediation procedure of volunteer work
  • Participation in AMAUTA Student Activities (e.g. lectures, dance class)
  • Weekly Volunteer meeting
  • Extra free Spanish Class per week during your volunteer work
  • Min. 4 – 8 weeks commitment
  • Price: review our price list

How do I apply for Volunteering in Peru?

To start organizing your placement, you first need to make a reservation for a Spanish course and Volunteer placement. During the second step of the procedure, we need your resume, desired placement (three choices) and a motivation letter. When organizing your placement, we consider the student's personal goals, level of Spanish proficiency, prior work experience and length of probable commitment, as well as the needs of the host organization. When the volunteer organization agrees on the placement, you receive the confirmation of your voluntary work placement. The final decision regarding the acceptance of a student in a project will be taken by the organization.

Internships in Peru
Volunteer Project List

Volunteer projects include: local schools, hospitals, after-school projects, clinics, nursing homes, projects for street children, homes for elderly, museums. While most of the projects are in Cusco city, some are located in the more rural areas, such as the Sacred Valley. There are some volunteer projects in Lima too.

Support for volunteer projects in Cusco

Support for volunteer projects in Cusco

While participation in the AMAUTA Volunteer Program is free (the students pay for the Spanish course, the accommodation and the administrative costs), included in all packages is a Volunteer Fee, which AMAUTA uses to support the projects. Uses of the money depend on the most urgent needs of the project. For example, we may purchase food for the project or support their infrastructure, such as fixing facilities, buying supplies and educational materials, or simply donating the money.

Support for volunteers in Peru

Support for volunteers in Peru

AMAUTA Spanish School offers constant support that guarantees successful participation in our volunteer programs in Peru. Working and living in another country can be quite a challenge at times. Therefore, it is essential to have the support of an organization with many years of experience. In addition to arranging volunteer work and internships in Peru, AMAUTA provides Spanish classes, accommodation, cultural activities and excursions; this allows you to relax and enjoy your time in Peru.

Before you begin your project, you receive an information package with preliminary information regarding the volunteer work in Peru. AMAUTA also organizes an introduction workshop about cross-cultural experiences and South American society's differences and social hierarchy upon arrival. Before you start volunteering, you will have the opportunity to discuss the goals and desired outcomes of the volunteer placement with our bilingual volunteer coordinator. There are weekly volunteer meetings that enable volunteers to talk about their experiences and generally raise any concerns.

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